Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is very important to me. Reading is something that was important to all 3 of my girls. So far one is passing that love on to her own child. I can not imagine what ours lives would have been like without books. A woman I am proud to call a friend has given a chunk of her life to helping people learn to read. There is a group (Books for Africa) has donated books (22,000 books!). All we need to do is collect the funds to ship them. The towns have raised some of the money needed. Now it is our turn. If each person who reads this would donate would donate $5 it would be an awesome step toward the $16000 needed to ship the books to children that I no would love them as much as mine would. Please donate. I will also leave the link up on the side so you can come back and donate again later. Thank you.

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