Friday, April 20, 2012

This is the link to the Columbus Creative Cooperative. It is a group of Central Ohio writers that get together to help each other with there stories. They also put together anthologies. The more recent is "While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection" All the stories deal with something dying and coming back to life. I'm telling you about this because one of my stories is in the book. I'm proud of this story and want to share it. I have read the other anthologies and think they are great reads. Click the link and buy yourself one. The link will remain permanently on the right. Once I read the full book I'll post a more in-depth review and tell you more about the process of getting published. Right now I just want you to buy the book and tell me what you think. It is available right now for Nook and Kindle. This link will take you to CCC's website where you can buy a book in your preferred format. Thanks, Tina

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